Working with 2x2 images?

Split them in fast and efficient way!

Upscale x2 or x4 same time if needed or keep original size!

Save your time and money with bulk processing!

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4
happy man SplitZoom
Image 5 Image 6 Image 7 Image 8

Effortless fully local Workflow.

No technical skills are required! Local processing, no internet traffic!

User-friendly for anyone, regardless of their technical skills!

Just add images, upscale option and click "Start". The app will do the rest in seconds!

upscaler spliter SplitZoom

Enlarge images without losing quality:

Great way to improve the quality of your images!

Get clear and high-quality images in seconds!

Upscale your images and improve their clarity, sharpness, and size!

Image 9 Image 10 Image 11 Image 12
divider upscaler SplitZoom


Questions and Answers

Is it good for AI generated images? +
Sure! SplitZoom will process your AI 2x2 images, and return 4 images with chosen upscale option.
As well as any other image with 2x2 style!
What benefits of using SplitZoom? +
Main benefits are: speed, upscaling, locality, simplicity of use.
Do I need to upload my images? +
No you don`t need to upload anything, just enjoy swift and efficient fully local dividing and upscaling in seconds! Local processing, no internet traffic!
Is batch processing available? +
Yes. The SplitZoom app support bulk image processing.
Is the SplitZoomp a MacOs app? +
Yes. The SplitZoom app is MacOs dedicated application.
How can I try the application? +
You can freely use SplitZoom Lite.
What about my privacy? +
We prioritize your privacy. We neither collect nor share any personal data.

Privacy Assurance:

We prioritize your privacy. We assure you that we neither collect nor share any personal data. Your activities are not tracked, and your device's camera or microphone is not accessed. We do not employ third-party services that gather user data. Policy updates may occur, so check periodically. Your privacy is paramount.